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La Calle Loíza

Where to Eat in La Calle Loíza 

The Classics

La Cueva Del Mar

(787) 726-8700

1857 Loiza Street, San Juan

If you love seafood and want a Puerto Rican take on it, then Cueva del Mar is a great option which also has daily criollo specials.


+1 (787) 545-2845

1762 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Authentic Mexican cuisine in the heart of Loiza Street. Whether you’re in the mood for some good ol’ taquitos al pastor or fresh ceviche, they will not disappoint.

Double Cake

(787) 998-9368

1852 Loiza Street, San Juan

Is an independent bakery, specializing in cupcakes, pastries, and made-to-order cakes.


+1 (787) 333-0202

1807 Loiza Street, San Juan

Good place to start off the night with a great glass of wine & some tapas before heading onto Loiza Street for a great night. You can also choose between a great selection of artisanal & craft beers.

The Mac ‘n Cheese

+1 (939) 325-5247

1916 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Oven baked mac n cheese coming in various different menu options, that will leave you with your mouth made water!

El Tap

+1 (787) 545-4955

1969 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Loiza Street is best known for it’s “Bar-hoping” culture & El Tap is one of those places you definitely have to visit whenever you’re around! With 46 Taps of beer, wine & sangría, delicious bar food and good tunes, El Tap is the place to go to if you’re looking to take some fresh beers home or To-Go!
How? EASY! They have Growlers & Crowlers and the best thing is.. you can always REFILL!


(787) 200-5190

1503 Loiza Street, San Juan

They serve up its Argentinean side more explicitly, even naming each of their pizzas after barrios in Buenos Aires.


+1 (787) 919-0315

1804 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Executive Chef Juan Camacho takes care of every single detail. He delivers beautifully displayed plates without sacrificing the authenticity and roots of criollo flavors. Camacho creates amazing dishes such as pasteles, arroz, mofongo, chillo frito, plantains, sausages, bistec encebollado, empanadas, pork, arroz con gandules, seafood … all these plates will take you back in time while you pair them with a crafted cocktail from their mixologists at the bar, exquisite wines or bubbly champagne.

Pirilo Pizza Rústica

+1 (787) 268-2346

2000 Calle McLeary, San Juan, 00911

Pirilo Pizza Rústica is a family restaurant, created with the intention of offering pizza lovers a space where they can socialize and enjoy good food with their loved ones.

Mangiare Italian Trattoria & Pizzeria

+1 (787) 979-2225

1863 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Authentic Italian flavors… How does an eggplant parmesan, breaded and stuffed with tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce that “comes out like a lasagna” sound? If it tempts you, give it a try so you don’t miss out.


(787) 302-5419

1801 Loiza Street, San Juan

Enjoy this brunch & latin bistro bar’s large portions of delicious food with their hip atmosphere.


+1 (787) 998-1848

1950 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

They are a contemporary cuisine restaurant and offer local and international dishes with a creative twist.

La Heladería Funkyberry Ice Cream

1509 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

La Heladería specializes in small-batch ice cream and sorbets with unique mixes and a seasonally rotating menu.

Acapulco Taqueria Mexicana

(787) 727-5568

2021 Loiza Street (Esquina Calle San Miguel)

For great Mexican food visit where their corn tortillas are made fresh daily, the tacos al pastor and carnitas are perfect, and the margaritas are cold and refreshing.

Bocca Osteria Romana

+1 (787) 727-8017

1959 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Bocca Osteria Romana is a family owned, open-kitchen restaurant serving authentic Roman-Italian dishes, wines, and cocktails. Serving fresh pasta daily!

Loiza 2050

(787) 726-7141

2050 Loiza Street, San Juan

Another pizza place that does something slightly different is this one, and it’s possibly one of the oldest restaurants on Calle Loíza, having been founded in 1986. They have a limited pizza menu which you can order on regular or coconut crust. Their craft beer and whisky selection is also extensive but be warned the place is very cozy.

Bebo’s Café

(787) 726-5700

1600 Loiza Street, San Juan

For the Dominican equivalent, Bebo’s Café is an old standby.


+ (939) 399-3036

2012 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Shibō is a place where you find traditional and special Asian dishes that are all product of Chef Cruz’s creativity. Thanks to his touch and attention to detail this experience becomes one that you will want to repeat again and again. Besides their Asian dishes, they offer a variety of raw, ceviche and sushi options that are made up of fresh local products. They also offer fresh local fish, which is used to prepare delicious Peruvian fusion dishes, including the best sushi creations you will ever taste!

Da Luigi Ristorante Italiano

+1 (787) 477-7722

104 Calle Diez de Andino Esq, Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Come and visit Chef Sanguineti’s kitchen, where you will find delicious tradicional italian cuisine and home made bread.

Zajorí Gastro Show

+1 (787) 686-6181

1859 Calle Loíza local B, San Juan, 00911

Peruvian/Puerto Rican cuisine in a small family ambience.


(787) 277-3224

1954 Calle McLeary #1966, San Juan

Need a vegetarian option? One of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city is tucked away at the back of an Ocean Park car park. Once you’ve found it, choose from a short list of flavorful and creative dishes, such as the chickpea Thai burger, tofu Cuban sandwich and bean lasagna. Homemade ice creams, cookies and fresh juices complete the appetizing menu.

Si No Corro Me Pizza

(787) 998-2925

1917 Loiza Street, San Juan

They serve authentic Neapolitan rustic pizza as well as homemade pasta and risottos.

Egg Joint

+1 (787) 625-1547

1802 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

With their variety of Sandwiches, Burgers, Craft Beers, Coffee, Ice Cream and More, they’re sure gonna show you that this Egg Joint’s not just for breakfast.


+1 (787) 727-5600

103 Avenida José de Diego, San Juan, 00911

Silk offers the best in “pan asian” – Asian / oriental food, with classics and avant-garde cuisine from Japan, China, Mongolia and Vietnam – all with a gourmet, delicious preparation, including dishes with different cuts of meat, seafood, fish and sushi, not forgetting about vegetarians.


(787) 398-2802

2000 Loiza Street, San Juan

Cocobana is a colorful vegan and vegetarian restaurant with daily lunch specials and fresh-pressed juices and smoothies made with local fruits and vegetables.

El Viejo Almacén

(787) 985-9122

1503 Loiza Street, San Juan

Suddenly in the mood for Argentinian food? Next door to Piola is this bodegón where you can indulge in a milanesa (the equivalent of a chicken parmigiana) topped with your choice of cheese, homemade pasta, or, of course, steak.

Ujeong Korean BBQ

+1 (939) 325-5247

1916 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Ujeong BBQ offers the most authentic, delightful, and exceptionally crafted Korean cuisine. Their food is gently and carefully prepared using only the highest quality ingredients and the freshest meats around.


+1 (787) 230-1109

1912 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Tantalo is a sports bar with unique and exclusive food. Where you can watch all kinds of sports in a fun environment and at affordable prices.

Burger & Mayo Lab

+1 (787) 946-0115

#2016 Calle Loíza Local A, Santurce, San Juan 00912

They’re the new kids on the block! Go experiment their mayo laboratory where you will find a diversity of creations to sabor with a delicious hamburger. As well as with some delicious and cool


+1 (787) 624-6120

1762-5 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Located in the heart of Santurce at Calle Loíza, Yoko is home to both the locals and everyone who seeks to enjoy Japanese cuisine at the hands of Chef Meléndez. Visit them and enjoy the Yoko experience. Kampai!


+1 (787) 692-1630

73 Avenida José de Diego, San Juan, 00911

At PalettAmérica you will find flavors of the American continent and our Caribbean on a popsicle; their experience of living in different regions of America has led them to the fun task of creating delicious flavors representative of each country in which they have had the opportunity to be in and live with its culture, flavors and peculiar recipes.

Nonna Cucina Rustica

+1 (787) 998-6555

103 Calle San Jorge, San Juan, 00911

A unique Italian gastronomic experience waits for you at Nonna. The restaurant showcases a unique atmosphere, filled with history where you can taste Italian classic dishes filled with fresh vegetables, a variety of cheeses, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and fresh handmade pastas made with flour from Naples.

Round Eye Ramen

+1 (939) 336-0839

105 Cll Pomarrosa, San Juan, 00911

Japanese noodle eatery serving up different ramen noodle recipes and healthy appetizers. All of their elements are hand made with quality ingredients; Pork is sourced on island, no use of refined sugars or salts, processed foods or condiments, gmo foods or msg. They are vegan, veggie friendly and sustainability driven, dedicated to serving people real food.

Blazzin Bar Restaurant

+1 (787) 529-9275

1602 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

Calle Loiza’s newest dining and entertainment spot. Come enjoy a unique experience.

Molinis Café

(787) 726-2024

1902 Loiza Street, San Juan

But maybe you’re thinking, I came all this way to Puerto Rico and I want some really good rice and beans, bistec encebollado, and mofongo. Molinis Café has you covered



1765 Loiza Street, San Juan

It’s a shipping container turned open-air restaurant, with a wooden deck and communal tables, serving everything from sliders to tacos to sushi. The name is in reference to the three Bs everyone looks for in a restaurant: bueno, bonito, y barato (good, pretty, and cheap).