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Where to go for Foodieventures?

Ron de Barrilito

Heritage Tour

From Bayamón, Puerto Rico to the world! Learn about the history and unique craftsmanship of Ron del Barrilito, the oldest Puerto Rican rum, still made in the same place and in the same way since 1880.

30 minutes / $25.00 p/p + tax

Mixology Tour

Become the Star of the Bar. Improve your bartending game with interactive classes taught by superstar mixologists who will show you how to make show-stopping cocktails.

1 hour / $80.00 p/p + tax

​Tasting Tour

When they age rum, some of it naturally evaporates from the barrel. This is called the “angel’s share”. What the angels didn’t get can be yours when you book the best and most exclusive rum tasting experience in the Caribbean. A unique opportunity to sip and enjoy all of their rums, from the cult-classic Three Stars to the extremely limited-edition Five Stars.

1 hour / $80.00 p/p + tax