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La Calle Loíza

Where to Eat in La Calle Loíza 

New Favorites

Mac’n Cheese

Specializes in, you guessed it, macaroni and cheese, loaded with toppings, smothered in cheese sauce, and finished in the oven.

Ujeong Korean BBQ​,

Next to Mac’n Cheese it is one of the few (possibly the only) Korean barbecue restaurants on the island.


It’s an elegant restaurant fusing Latin and Asian flavors.

Dude’s Diner

For a more American experience… The brunch menu features over-the-top items like chicken and waffles and the “Breakfast of Champions”, buttermilk pancakes stuffed with eggs and bacon, served like tacos.

Burger and Mayo Lab

Visit them if you want a great burger, you can choose your meat, topping, and mayonnaise flavor.

If you’re looking for bars serving great drinks and bar food, they have those on Calle Loíza, too.

El Tap

A craft beer bar that serves exclusively beers, wines, and sangria on tap and has a gourmet bar menu.


An exquisite wine bar where you can also get craft cocktails and decadent tapas.